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Brain Injury often affects cognitive abilities, behavior and emotions.  Common complaints from survivors and family members are trouble with remembering things, word finding, concentrating and multi-tasking.  Emotional changes may include depression, frustration, difficulty controlling anger and mood changes.

Often the neuropsychological evaluation can be a starting point for the counselor to work with the individual, the neuropsychologist and others involved in providing supports. Neuropsychological evaluations examines how well the individual’s brain is working when it performs certain functions (for example remembering).

The evaluation can provide information that links the cognitive strengths and weaknesses to the individual’s day-to-day functioning in the type of training or work environment that they are currently working in or are interested in pursuing.  It can also provide information regarding the person’s learning style.

For best results, it is important for the counselor to provide information regarding the individual.  The counselor should also provide specific questions regarding what information they are looking for.

Medical Staff - Neuropsy Evaluations - Tip Sheet

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