1-800-773-8400 or 1-603-225-8400 (NH only Information & Resource)

1-800-444-6443 (National toll-free Brain Injury Resource Line)

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Brain Injury Family Resource Library

The Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire has developed a comprehensive resource library for individuals with brain injuries, their families, those who support them, and professionals. The library is located at our central office in Concord, NH. On-line the library is organized into two sections. We have broken the listings down by categories as presented below.

Pamphlets and Brochures


Copies of articles and pamphlets are available upon request.

We do not lend out books, but you may come to our office and use any of our books for resources/information.  Please call ahead to schedule a time for your reading or research appointment – 603-225-8400.  For more information on any of our library materials, please contact Rachel Raynes at 603-225-8400 or rachel@bianh.org.