1-800-773-8400 or 1-603-225-8400 (NH only Information & Resource)

1-800-444-6443 (National toll-free Brain Injury Resource Line)

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My family member needs help while on the job. Who can help?

Your family member may be eligible for employment supports through vocational rehabilitation.  Vocational Rehab or VR has local office throughout the state.  Call the main VR office at  800-299-1647.

Transportation is an issue, what can we do?

Transportation can be challenging for individuals who work and cannot drive. First, check locally to see if there is public transportation. If so, ask if they have reduced rates for disabled passengers. If you have area agency or vocational rehabilitation supports, ask your case manager to help assist you with your transportation needs. This may mean changing the goals of your current support plan with your case manager. You can ask fellow employees if they would be able to assist you with a ride. They may do it for free or they may ask for a minimal contribution for gas.

My family member wants to go back to their old job and cannot because of their brain injury. They won’t listen to me – what should I do?

This is a difficult situation for you and the answer may not be easy. Sometimes, you have to allow the individual to go back to work and learn on their own that, they really are not able to perform as well as they once did on the job. Your role would be to support the individual through this. If there are medical reasons why the individual cannot return to work, you can ask their doctors’ assistance in delivering the message to the individual that, the doctor will not allow them to return to work. You may need to have the employer deliver the message that the individual is not going to be allowed to return to work.

Since my family member has had their brain injury, I am afraid for their safety when they go back to work. Who can I talk to about this?

Fear of another injury is a normal worry to those who have a family member with a brain injury, especially if the incident brought them close to death. There are Brain Injury Support Groups offered in many locations in NH, a grief counselor may be helpful, or a traditional counselor.

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