1-800-773-8400 or 1-603-225-8400 (NH only Information & Resource)

1-800-444-6443 (National toll-free Brain Injury Resource Line)

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As a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VR) or employment staff you are an important part of the employment process for individuals with a disability. As a employment staff person you can help your client make sure that their needs are being met at their new job. This can include making sure that they have the technical assistance that they need or the appropriate accommodations are made to the office building.  Some examples of reasonable accommodations include removing deep pile carpeting in the work area or the employer permitting paid or unpaid leave for the employee to receive necessary treatment. As a VR it is vital that you can help you clients find a job that matches their abilities as well as help your clients receive appropriate accommodations so that they can do their job successfully.

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