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Brain Injury often affects cognitive abilities, behavior and emotions.  Common complaints from survivors and family members are trouble with remembering things, word finding, concentrating and multi-tasking.  Emotional changes may include depression, frustration, difficulty controlling anger and mood changes.

Many individuals who sustain a brain injury undergo neuropsychological evaluations.  Often the neuropsychological evaluation can be a starting point for the counselor to work with you regarding returning to work.

The night before you will want to get a good night sleep.  These evaluations can take from 2 to 6 hours!

On the day of the evaluation, you will be asked questions about your past regarding work and school.  Other friends or family members could also be asked to describe what you were like prior to your injury, were you outgoing; did you have a short temper; did you like to do activities alone?  You will then be asked to do different mini tests.  Try your best and understand that there are no right or wrong answers as all your answers will help in your recovery.  If you need a break feel free to ask for one.

Once the evaluation is completed, the Neuropsychologist will write a report that will be sent to you and your counselor.  The report will provide information regarding your strengths and areas that may be challenging for you. You may also request a feedback session to discuss the results.

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