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Baseline Testing

The NH State Advisory Council on Sport-Related Concussion recommends that physicians who accept the responsibility of caring for concussed athletes stay up-to-date on current practice guidelines and consensus statements (e.g., Zurich) released on the topic of sport-related concussion.

Best Practices:

The NH Consensus follows international guidelines and recommends the following steps to clear an athlete for returning to play (RTP).

  1. all indices return to the athlete's own baseline - symptoms, neuropsychological screening, and balance (e.g. BESS or Force Plate).
  2. when criteria A is met, a 5-step graduated exertion protocol should be passed with no increase in symptoms. Steps should be spaced at least 24 hours apart. If a step is failed, wait 24 hours, go back a step and repeat.

When no baseline data is available, clinicians should use tools designed to provide optimal data. The ACE clinicians report provides history, symptom, balance and cognitive probes. Use of the SCAT-2 for serial monitoring of cognition is a viable option. ImPACT neuropsychological screening test can be used without a baseline score, but should be reviewed by a qualified neuropsychologist.

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