1-800-773-8400 or 1-603-225-8400 (NH only Information & Resource)

1-800-444-6443 (National toll-free Brain Injury Resource Line)

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A Concussion is an injury, an injury to the brain!

No pro athletes play when they have a concussion or think they might have one.

Report to your coach or trainer immediately; not the next play, but now!

If you think someone on your team might have a concussion, let your coach know immediately.

Sometimes after a hit to the head, the athlete does not realize that they may have a concussion; you could save their season by informing the coach or trainer.

For the Athlete

The information provided is a collaborative effort from the Brain Injury Association of NH and the NH State Advisory Council on Sport Related Concussion. Further information and notations can be reviewed by downloading the Sport-Related Concussion Consensus Statement prepared by the NH State Advisory Council on Sport-Related Concussion.